Kansas City Daily Prog: Local Reporting Driven By Donations & Agenda

A question for close readers of TKC . . .


Background . . .

There are about half a dozen "progressive" blogs which function as non-profit content mills in order to spam the Internet with "news" that aligns with a progressive agenda rather than reporting that represents what's really happening locally. 

Most of the time we ignore it and it goes away . . .

However, there's so much of it and it's vaguely interesting and often deserves at least a bit of snark.

Thing of it is . . . We're not doing some kind of conservative myth-bust . . . Some of these stories are actually worthwhile . . . It's just that they're NOT REALLY NEWS.  

The content represents a worldview that's relevant and even dominant in many cases . . . But not at all objective or representing any viable journalistic approach.

Today, we wanted to play catch-up and offer a glimpse at a quick collection of these stories . . . Check-it:

Today's Skyfall Warning . . . 

Warming winters threaten Midwestern waters with increased fertilizer run-off

The Midwest is at-risk of increased water pollution from fertilizer run-off during the winter, according to from the Gund Institute for Environment at the University of Vermont. "We figured out that we've got more than 40% of the United States that's potentially creating this winter pollution every time it rains or snow melts in the winter," said Carol Adair, a University of Vermont researcher who worked on the study.

Progs Against La Migra

Immigration advocates call again for DACA renewal in Congress, as possible end looms * Missouri Independent

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senate Democrats said Tuesday that they remained hopeful Congress could create a legal pathway to citizenship before the end of the year for the more than 600,000 undocumented people enrolled in a program that is at risk of being deemed illegal by a lower court.

Kansas Plan: Don't Get Sick!!!

Poll: 72% of Kansans back Medicaid reform stalled by GOP legislators since 2017 - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - A majority of Kansans across the political spectrum endorse expansion of eligibility for Medicaid in a statewide survey also indicating nine in 10 registered voters believe a candidate's position on health care influenced votes at the polls. Kansas is among a dozen states declining to broaden access among lower-income people to affordable health coverage under Medicaid.

Sunflower State Drying Up

This city in Kansas really conserves its water, but that still might not be enough to survive

Thanks to decades of conservation efforts, Hays has become the California of Kansas - a place where thinking about your water use is a way of life. For now, it's an outlier. But as climate change brings drier, hotter weather to Kansas, more cities may have to follow a similar path.

Show-Me Wimp Advocacy

It's OK for men to cry - and to wear pink * Missouri Independent

"Boys don't cry." That was the oft repeated refrain my father said to my brother and me growing up. If one of us fell and skinned our knees, it was, "Knock it off, boys don't cry." It didn't matter if we were 4 or 5. Crying was a sign of weakness and of questionable masculinity.

Safe Bet: More Bankruptcies

Counselors worry Kansas isn't ready for gambling problems that'll follow legalized sports betting

The legalization of sports betting was widely celebrated this September, with Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly placing a $15 bet on the Chiefs. But some counselors who treat problem gambling worry that sports betting could lead to an increase in addiction - and they say that Kansas isn't allocating enough resources to handle it.

Locals Uncensored . . . 

This Liberty book club only reads banned and challenged books

When parents and others first learn of a campaign to ban a book, they may be faced with its most controversial passage — such as a sex scene or a graphic illustration.

You decide . . .