Kansas City CVS Customers Suffer Pharma FAIL Amid Prez Biden Era

Sure . . .

Dark Brandon was the one instance wherein the left successfully stole a meme from the right. 

However . . . That might be one of the very few bright spots amid an otherwise turbulent October 2022.

For instance . . .

Tonight we notice an interesting report revealing ongoing supply chain, labor force hardship and medical FAIL confronting locals. 

Sadly . . . Given the current opioid epidemic . . . People with crappy insurance are the only ones who can't get their pills.

Check the story . . .

The Missouri Pharmacy Association said the issue is part of a national trend.

"It's kind of the perfect storm in an environment when costs are going up substantially, reimbursements are going down, and then you add on it the pandemic," said Ron Fitzwater, CEO of the Missouri Pharmacy Association.

Workers are burnt out. During historic inflation, insurance companies are cutting reimbursement.

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Some Kansas City CVS customers unable to get prescriptions because of staffing issues

Some people in Kansas City were unable to get their prescriptions on Thursday. While the doors were open for business at the CVS Pharmacy on State Line Road and Blue Ridge Boulevard, customers were greeted with a sign saying the "pharmacy was temporarily closed due to no staff.""I got a text to come to show up, but they didn't send me a text not to come," customer Andrenna Jones said.Jones said she came for her son's vaccine."We showed up and we waited.