Kansas City CostCo Trans Fight Part Deux

Another investigation launched and a low-key reality . . . Most Midtown Kansas City locals don't mind a quick road trip to go to the nicer warehouse stores. 

Meanwhile, the response to the story is worth a peek . . .

“The claim that we won’t fill certain prescriptions is actually not accurate,” manager Nathan Gentry told The Star Friday. “We want to serve as many people in the community as we can.” The pharmacy is currently the subject of an investigation by the city’s LGBTQ Commission. The commission announced Friday that impacted patients should submit a formal complaint with the city so that the office of Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity (CREO) can look into the allegations further.

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Kansas City Costco denies discrimination allegations as new patients come forward

The general manager of the Costco location on Linwood Boulevard in Kansas City on Friday denied allegations of discrimination that arose after a Star report found a pattern of the store's pharmacy refusing to fill testosterone prescriptions for transgender and nonbinary patients.

3 customers allege Costco denied them testosterone medication, KCMO civil rights department launches probe

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City, Missouri, Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity Department (CREO) is investigating claims that a Midtown Costco denied customers gender confirmation care. On Thursday, the city's LGBTQ Commission said three individuals reported they were denied testosterone at Costco's pharmacy.

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