Kansas City Conservatives Warn Against Impending Reefer Madness

It's surprising to learn that people still bothered with fear-based nonsense against weed when it has served as a punchline for adults for more than half a century.

Still, in fairness, here's the premise of an argument that some poor agenda blog hack was paid to make with a straight face . . .

Legal pot will lead to rampant addiction (especially in adolescents), crippled emergency room budgets, fetal harm, psychotic events, increased crime and violence, more dangerous roads, increased teen suicides, and perversely a more robust market for illegal weed.

“Voters really need to understand what they’re getting themselves into,” warns Dr. Kenneth Finn, an internationally recognized expert in both pain and cannabis in Colorado, which legalized recreational marijuana in 2012.

Believe whatever you want . . . More verified data suggests otherwise.

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'The next healthcare catastrophe': Medical experts warn Missourians to reject recreational marijuana Nov. 8

Would you have voted in favor of having the COVID-19 pandemic? Of course not, but doctors say Missouri voters may bring on the next big public health crisis if they elect to approve recreational marijuana on Nov. 8.

Something a bit more fun making all the same arguments . . . The Refeer Madness trailer from 1936:

You decide . . .