Kansas City Community News: Nicer Stories About This Cowtown

Our favorite term of the Fall might be "doomscroll" and we don't like it but realize that it's a very "real" thing for Internets denizen. 

Accordingly, we share some nicer news links to keep up spirits around our sometimes overly cantankerous blog community. 

In the past . . . We used to clown some of this kind reporting . . . And we still do . . . When it's an obvious sales pitch or propaganda.

However . . . 

We highlight these reports because we feel that they're more genuine and offer an honest look at good news in and around Kansas City . . .

Check TKC news gathering . . .

Pumpkin patches, corn mazes and more fall fun in the Kansas City area

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Fall has arrived in Kansas City, and that means it's time to fill your weekends with the season's favorites. Over a dozen farms across the region are ready for fall fun. They've created wild corn mazes, grown hundreds of pumpkins and have warmed up the apple cider.

Neighborhood Cleanup!

Historic Northeast residents took advantage of almost perfect weather Saturday morning to clean up their community. Dumpsters were placed at six centralized locations with tire collection and document shredding located at Concourse Park. Scott Wagner, Director of NEAT (NorthEast Alliance Together) noted a significant decrease in traffic at most of the dumpster locations, citing specifically the drastically reduced number of tires collected.

American Jazz Museum turns 25: 'The realization of a dream' - Downtown Council of Kansas City

By Harold Smith, KC Studio Magazine When the American Jazz Museum opened in 1997, President Barack Obama had just begun his first term as an Illinois state senator; social media consisted of electronic bulletin boards and chat rooms on America Online; Congressman Emanuel Cleaver was Kansas City's first Black mayor; it had been 27 years since the Chiefs had been in a Super Bowl; and worldwide pandemics were something only found in history books and scientific journals.

Healing House!

Volunteers with Healing House picked up St. John Avenue as well as walked through Budd Park picking up litter and trash. Healing House also donated their delivery truck to the effort, making a number of trips to the trash truck locations filled with bulky trash items such as mattresses and furniture.

Excelsior Springs community shows support for first ESPD officer shot in line of duty in more than a century

The Excelsior Springs community is showing its support for the police officer shot Saturday night. The officer was shot after trying to pull over a driver wanted on a warrant for assaulting a law enforcement officer. The driver, 65-year-old Carl Carrel, shot the officer in the wrist and the shoulder.

The biggest taco news (and deals) on National Taco Day in Kansas City

It's National Taco Day!Coinciding with its national holiday, Oct. 4 is the ultimate taco Tuesday in the United States. We've rounded up several taco-related headlines in the Kansas City area for you to sink your teeth into on this special day.

October Event Calendar

Downtown KC skyline. // Photo by Steph Castor. Processed by Filmxlab Ongoing Oct. 1 - 31 MAYA The Exhibition, Union Station Oct. 1 - 31 American Art Deco: Designing for the People, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Oct. 1 - 31 Black Citizenship in the Age of Jim Crow, Liberty Memorial's Wylie Gallery Oct.

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