Kansas City Chiefs Fans Outraged After 'Roughing' Passer Call Against Chris Jones

Kansas City's reason to complain this week . . . And the reality that football has fundamentally changed into basketball in costume.

Overview . . .

The Kansas City Chiefs were on the wrong end of a bad call on Monday night. Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones seemed to make a huge play late in the second quarter with the Chiefs trailing 17-7. Jones got to the Las Vegas Raiders' Derek Carr, sacked him and got a fumble. He landed on Carr but it wasn't egregious.

The flag came out. So did Reid's anger as he yelled at the officials.

Officials ruled that Jones landed with his body weight on Carr. There wasn't a lot of choice as Jones cradled the fumble after hitting Carr.

"At some point you have to be realistic," ESPN play-by-play announcer Joe Buck said on the broadcast. "The defense player, what's he supposed to do, disappear?"

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Questionable Chiefs-Raiders call adds to NFL's roughing the passer controversy

It wouldn't be the modern NFL without a bit of over-officiating. Thursday night's Chiefs-Raiders game saw one such moment deep in the second quarter with Las Vegas leading by a score of 17-7. It was a second questionable roughing the passer call in two days of football enraging fans.

Chiefs-Raiders roughing-the-passer controversy: NFL world reacts to shocking call on Chris Jones

Throughout NFL history, there have been some very controversial roughing the passer calls. On Monday night, another one was added to the list of penalties that probably should not have been penalties.

Another bad roughing the passer call, this one took a turnover away from Chiefs D

Andy Reid is a gentle soul, especially in relation to other NFL coaches. It takes a lot to get him as heated as he was on Monday night. He can join other coaches, players and fans around the NFL who aren't happy with how roughing the passer is being called this week.

You decide . . .