Kansas City Chiefs 'Dynasty' Talk Returns

This time around fanbois are just a bit more cautious in their irrational exuberance about the fate of the organization.

Still, here's a peek at an otherwise silly column tribute to a corporation that charges a premium to help alleviate locals of a great deal of cash and fear over lives of quiet desperation . . . 

At this moment, the Chiefs are consistently fielding one of the league’s top 5 teams. It is well on its way to a possible seventh straight division title — and is once again one of the favorites to go to the Super Bowl. And after another incredible victory over Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it is setting up to be another amazing year that will conclude with a deep playoff run.

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The Chiefs are one of the gems of professional sports

Sitting here in the Houston airport on my way back to Kansas City, I decided to look in the stores. (I hope our new terminal at KCI is going to have some of these same amenities!) You see a lot of Texas-branded souvenirs. You also see team merchandise on sale.