Johnson County Debates Election Security Behind Closed Doors

This note doesn't offer very much scintillating info but shares a peek at upcoming election smack talk.

We'll start with the basics of the mostly secret conversation and encourage readers to click through for an increasingly nasty Golden Ghetto debate wherein progressives & conservatives pound away at one another for control of the rapidly expanding Kansas suburbs . . .

On Monday, the county commission went into a closed session meeting focusing on a network security system.

Before that happened, O'Hara, who's already a commissioner, wanted Hayden and District Attorney Steve Howe to be a part of the closed session. Ultimately, O'Hara said they were disinvited.

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Johnson County chair candidates view election fraud investigation quite differently

OLATHE, Kan. - Charlotte O'Hara and Mike Kelly have two different views on Johnson County Sheriff Calvin Hayden's investigation into claims of election fraud.