Jackson County Prosecutor's Office Threatened After Firefighter Case Dropped

Once again the local discourse turns nasty . . . 


Here's what they had to say . . .

"Our office has received numerous phone calls with offensive racist and sexist language. These phone calls also include violent threats to our employees and the elected prosecutor. Our employees are public servants who offer their careers and lives. They work hard to uphold the rule of law. The rule of law required that this case be declined."

Read the statement in full on their website . . . Notice that there's an MP3 included that's pretty explicit, breathy and hateful . . . Filled with N-word garbage . . .

Racist, threatening messages come to Jackson County prosecutor's office

More nasty behind the scenes chatter and a glimpse at the scary words sent to the courthouse: 

The prosecutor’s office shared one of the voicemails directed at Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker, which included racist and sexist slurs.

“We’re going to burn your f---ing house,” the called said. “We’re f---ing coming for you.”

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

New details released after callers threaten Jackson County prosecutor

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - The Jackson County Prosecutor's Office has released additional details after receiving racist, threatening calls regarding the fact that charges will not be filed in the fatal shooting of an off-duty firefighter. The prosecutor's office wrote and shared a statement Monday, which includes a link at the end to an .mp3 of one of the voicemails the office received.

Jackson Co. Prosecutor's office threatened after firefighter's death

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Jackson County Prosecutor's office said it is being threatened after charges were not filed against a woman in a deadly shooting involving a Kansas City, Missouri, firefighter. The numerous threats began Monday morning, according to the prosecutor's office.

Jackson County Prosecutor's Office receives threats after decision not to file charges in KC firefighter's death

The Jackson County Prosecutor's Office said it has received racist and threatening messages after it announced last week that no charges would be filed in the shooting death of off-duty Kansas City firefighter Anthony Santi.Prosecutors said they received several phone calls Monday "with offensive racist and sexist language," which included violent threats to employees and the prosecutor.

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