Internets Seyz Kansas City Cerner 'Realization' Campus Doomed

And just like that . . . So much hope for Southeast Kansas City economic benefit might be kaput. 

Don't fear . . . We're sure we'll get a much nicer press release on the topic from MSM very soon. 

For now . . . We're stuck with social media gossip and a few know-it-alls talking about corporate moves that are above their pay grade.

Perspective . . .

City officials approved Cerner's TIF plan in 2013 to help the health care IT company build a $4.45 billion mixed-use office campus northeast of Interstate 435 and Bannister Road on 290 acres that formerly housed Bannister Mall. At one point, it rated as the nation's largest tax increment financing award.

The current agreement, after three amendments through March 2018, provides for as much as $1.745 billion in city and state incentives, sequenced throughout 16 project areas through 2025.

However, Missouri's TIF statute gives the city no more than 10 years from the Oct. 10, 2013, approval to designate a redevelopment project.

Translation . . . There's about a year to keep locals guessing and trick day-traders into overreacting.

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Oracle Cerner's Innovations Campus has less than a year to access $1B in incentives - Kansas City Business Journal

Oracle Cerner now has less than a year to access incentives for the remaining buildout of its Innovations Campus in south Kansas City. The clock forces difficult choices on the company: trigger the incentive period and lose money while waiting to build, or simply plan to renegotiate a new deal for the site's undeveloped areas.