Guv Kelly Campaigns On Kansas Abortion Rights Double Down

As the election gets closer . . . We notice the Kansas Democratic Party leader refocusing on reproductive rights rhetoric and hoping that voters remember an election shocker earlier in the year.

Here's the word . . .

 “Kansans stood up for fundamental rights today,” Kelly wrote in a tweet. “We rejected divisive legislation that jeopardized our economic future & put women’s health care access at risk.”

Another tweet called proponents of the ballot measure “extremists” and warned that “they want to take our state back in time.”

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Kansas Democrats delivered a surprise win on abortion rights. November will show whether they can do it again | CNN Politics

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly is petite, soft-spoken and rarely heard from on the national stage. But on August 2, when Kansans shocked the nation by voting to preserve a right to abortion in the state's constitution, Kelly's statement on the vote read like a new blueprint for Democrats navigating the uncertain politics of the post Roe v.