Great Scott!!! Kansas City Royals Demand Downtown Stadium With Better Toilets!!!

It's not exactly a newsflash but right now we share a bit of potty humor after Jackson County Legislator Scott Burnett reveals the deets of his recent conversation with the team.

Check-it . . 

"It was pretty clear to me without him directly saying it that he wanted the team downtown," Burnett said in an interview . . . "The plumbing's not good at Royals Stadium. There's not hot water a lot of the time, so it was the sense that he wanted it moved."

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Jackson County leader gives insight into Royals' push for new stadium

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Jackson County Legislator Scott Burnett met with Kansas City Royals Chairman and CEO John Sherman this past spring for about an hour. The conversation was mostly about charity work, but a downtown baseball stadium did come up.