Frustrated Progressives In The Dotte DONE With Rep. Aaron Coleman

His political career was a practical joke that nobody appreciated and now Kansas Democrats are happy to show him the door.

Check the progressive postscript from public radio . . .

"Kansas' 37th House District made headlines in 2020 when 19-year-old Aaron Coleman beat an incumbent in the Democratic primary. But Coleman's single term was mired in scandal — with accusations of revenge porn and domestic violence and an arrest for driving under the influence — making some feel that the district hasn't been represented correctly."

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Wyandotte County voters are ready to be rid of Aaron Coleman

Two political newcomers seek to represent Kansas House District 37 after what many Wyandotte County voters feel was two years of lost time with a scandal-plagued lawmaker. Plus: the abortion debate has gone local with many towns across the Midwest banning procedures inside city limits.