Former Prairie Village Council Lady Warns: New Zoning Threatens Homeowners

The stakes are high for property owners in "Perfect Village" and, sadly, local news is either ignoring the issue or painting it as a progressive vs. conservative battle. 

Meanwhile . . . 

Suburban homeowners are raising the alarm.

By way of THE BEST & BRIGHTEST TKC READERS . . . Check this off-record social media statement from a former PV council lady on the topic:

If Council and mayor have their way…you will have no rights to your due process property rights. No notification. No public hearing. No protest petition. In their second recommendation they sent the Planning Commission they left in “by-right”.

Here's the article she referenced in her statement . . . Read more via link . . .

Opinion: Developers Exploit 'Granny Flat' Rules to Crowd Established Homeowners

Eric Rosenzweig won't ever know if good fences really do make good neighbors. That's because the law won't let Eric build a 23-foot tall fence to protect his family's privacy from the three " accessory dwelling units " that will soon loom large over his backyard.