Excelsior Springs Police Shootout Aftermath: Suspect Dead, Officer Survives

Another glimpse at worsening local violence this weekend . . .

Here's the sitch and more deets of the exchange of gunfire with authorities last night . . .

Two Excelsior Springs police officers located a suspect they knew to have a warrant for assault on a law enforcement officer.

The officers then tried to stop the suspect in the parking lot but he drove onto Kearney Road.

The two officers, who were in different vehicles, boxed the suspect in, with one car in front and another behind the suspect's car.

That is when the suspect fired at the officer in the car in front of him, hitting the officer in the shoulder and the wrist. The officer in the car from behind then shot at the suspect, hitting him in the head.

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Suspect in Excelsior Springs shooting involving an officer dead

EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, Mo. - The suspect in a shooting in Excelsior Springs involving a police officer Saturday evening was pronounced dead at the hospital on Sunday.

Excelsior Springs police officer expected to survive after being shot

EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, Mo. (KCTV) --- An Excelsior Springs police officer is expected to survive after being shot on Saturday evening. The shooting happened near the corner of Kearney Road and Corum Road in the city. The officer was shot in the hand and the shoulder, according to the Clay County Sheriff's Office.

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