Desperate Kansas City Star Questions Readers: What Should We Cover???

Apparently, new management at KC's biggest paper forgot how to do journalism and need help. 

I'm not sure they'll get many viable suggestions from the online peanut gallery . . . But it's worth a try given that everybody else has voted with their feet. 

Also . . . The public seems to think that screaming into the digital void and hassling friends & family over politics is far more beneficial & fun than talking about the public trust with know-it-alls.

From our vantage . . . 

Journalists already know what's important and how to cover it. Asking the public for requests is a desperate tactic that more befitting of wedding singers & DJs.

Still, here's their pitch . . .

In recent years, we’ve had three reporters assigned to cover local government news in Kansas City, Wyandotte County and Johnson County. Often that coverage has been heavily focused on covering what happens at meetings or what politicians prioritize.

Those reporting positions are open, and we see this as an opportunity to shift our approach to how we share stories and information about how local government affects our lives. Rather than focusing our stories on what politicians decide is important, we want our reporters to start with what residents think is most important.

“We’re excited to hear from you what topics and issues and people you want to see us cover,” said Greg Farmer, The Star’s managing editor.

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