D'Bronx Kaput As Kansas City 39th Street Struggles To Comeback

It seems that rampant KU Med Center gentrification hasn't helped the fortunes of merchants on one of the best spots near Midtown Kansas City.

Here at TKC we really do love everything about this street and hope they find a way to move forward. 

Still . . . 

D'Bronx helped start hipster enthusiasm about this part of KC and now OFFICIALLY won't return after COVID.

Their pizza was top notch . . . Their subs left a bit to be desired.

Overall we'll miss them . . . But not enough to grab a slice in JoCo.

Here's a relevant passage we stole liberated from another local blog . . .

Midtown’s longtime pizza place, d’Bronx Authentic Deli and Pizzeria, will not be reopening.

Cadence Commercial Real Estate said it has the 2,500-square-foot space for lease. The owner of d’Bronx did not return calls.

Developing . . .