Crispin Rea Cashes BIG CHECKS To Lead Kansas City 4th District At-Large Fundraising

The 4th District At-Large is the mainstream council prime time position currently occupied by council lady Kathryn Shields. 

For most residents . . . This is the real mayor pro-tem spot and the politico who wins this seat typically garners access to local biz leaders, developers and municipal power players.

And so, the cash contest is important in order to garner citywide votes for downtown influence. 

So far here are the returns for the October campaign finance report recently released by the Missouri Ethics Commission . . .

Former school board member and current Jackson County Prosecutor's Office worker Crispin Rea is leading the contest . . . This quarter he raised $29,880. Crispin Rea has $72,219 on hand.

Meanwhile . . .

Kansas City LGBT Commission leader Justin Short was busy as well and raised $27,412 this quarter. Overall he has $39,298 on hand.

Finally . . . 

She hasn't yet caught on with local ladies who traditionally support female candidates but Jess Blubaugh is no slouch having raised $9,210 this quarter and holding $40,366 on hand.

For an At-Large contest . . . It's still kinda early.

The cutoff date for other candidates isn't until December and we wouldn't be surprised to see somebody else jump in this contest . . . A very RICH somebody else who might be more interested in local governance over begging asking strangers for money.

Developing . . .