COVID Makes NextGen Stupid???

Even the newspaper seems a bit shocked by test score data.

Check the basics . . .

"A majority of states, including Missouri and Kansas, saw lower scores on average across grades and subjects since 2019. Compared to that year, no states saw improvements in math in 2022. Missouri and Kansas are among the 43 states and jurisdictions that reported declining average fourth-grade math scores, and among the 51 states and jurisdictions that saw falling eighth-grade math scores."

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Student test scores plummet in Missouri and Kansas, new data shows. Blame COVID

In a new report showing the effects of COVID-19 disruptions on student learning, both Missouri and Kansas saw test scores drop this year from pre-pandemic levels, in some cases erasing decades of growth. The stark results of this year's National Assessment of Educational Progress exams, known as the Nation's Report Card, show that the country saw its largest-ever decline in math scores.