Council Gathering Votes To Oust City Manager Brian Platt?!?

Here's a subtitle for our silly Kansas City conversation about serious a topic . . .


Check this INSIDER peek at 12th & Oak power moves behind the scenes . . .

Scintillating rumors and posturing for upcoming elections are quickly turning into council votes to toss the city manager after only two years. 

Here at TKC we're not going to focus on gossip but instead take a glimpse at political reality. 

- A well-timed departure of the city manger gives new (false) hope to voters that their concerns will finally meet an audience at city hall. 

- Blame COVID or leadership style but the City Manager Brian Platt has been distant, unresponsive to most neighborhood concerns and really hasn't "vibed" with local leaders. Yes, everyone knows he's smarter and more impressive than all of us . . . And it seems Mr. Platt's understanding of as much has kept him from making alliances beyond the Mayor and two members of council.

- The votes are there . . . In particular . . . The women of the council might be easily convinced to toss Platt overboard if 12th & Oak gossip & rumor mill starts to take hold.

The Kansas City Star is already looking over e-mail records so that they might find some hint of news that our blog community was talking about last week. 

Another twist . . .

A strategic resignation might be surprising amongst insiders.

Moreover . . . 

With a new council coming in next year . . . Brain Platt might already be on borrowed time as far as his 12th & Oak career is concerned. 

There are at least 4 council candidates running for office who have made his departure part of their platform. 

Developing . . .