Contender Calls Kobach Comic Book Villain

Tonight's Kansas zinger from a dude who is likely trying to make up a 10 point deficit . . . Check-it . . .

“My opponent, though, has said very openly that he will slowly and quietly undo the will of the voters of Kansas, like some sort of comic book villain,” Mann said Tuesday. “People are tired of politicians telling them what to do. The job of the attorney general is to enforce the laws that are in place and protect the constitution.” Mann and Kobach also clashed on marijuana legalization, transgender athletes and election laws.

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Kansas AG candidate compares opponent to 'some sort of comic book villain' in TV debate

In their first televised debate, Kansas attorney general candidate Chris Mann compared opponent Kris Kobach to "a comic book villain" over his support for removing abortion rights from the state Constitution by changing how Kansas Supreme Court justices are selected.