Combest: Trudy Busch Valentine Sacrificed For Political Sins Of Missouri Democrats

Nobody expects Trudy Bush Valentine to win. 

She's not running a serious campaign despite spambot lies sent to your phone via text message that you never wanted.

Forgive them for they know not what they do. 

Missouri Democrats are so dumb.

How dumb are they . . .

They're so dumb that they've let the Missouri GOP turn highways into a hot mess, preside over an opioid crisis that's KILLING HUNDREDS OF SHOW-ME STATE WHITE PEOPLE EVERY YEAR . . . FAIL public education, the state-wide walnut bowl economy and healthcare whilst still blaming faraway politicos, Mexicans and gay people for so every social ill imaginable . . . Their answer to all this . . . Selfies with Congress lady Cori Bush in order to earn a marginal association with AOC.

And so today . . .

One of Missouri's best columnists makes it plain in a fun and entertaining column that's definitely worth a read for a REAL TALK glimpse at Missouri politics:

"It bears repeating:  Valentine’s willingness to take this loss on behalf of Missouri Democrats is a selfless act. As such, she deserves better than the post-election treatment she’ll get from Missouri’s political reporters and progressive content creators."

Read more via link . . .

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"Relax with Trudy." The mysterious mantra of 1980s WWF superstar Adrian Adonis adorned the gear worn by manager Jimmy Hart, and was emblazoned (sometimes as "Trudi", shown above) on a briefcase Adonis carried to the ring. At the apex of each match, Adonis would apply his patented sleeper hold -dubbed "Good night, Irene!"