Close Race For Kris Kobach??? Maybe Not.

We approach this report with a bit of skepticism . . . Kris Kobach has national name recognition and YEARS of experience in Kansas. 

However a poll cited by progressives claims otherwise. 

And so . . . 

We called upon our vast investigative team of researchers here at TKC . . . And did a two second Google search in order to discover an even more interesting projection from a polling group cited in this study: 

From 2016:  Emerson College Polling predicts electoral landslide for Clinton

And so we wish good luck to Kansas Democrats and merely share a peek at this slightly more objective passage from a report that MIGHT be just a bit biased . . .

"The two men running for Kansas attorney see the job of the state’s lawyer in very different ways. Republican Kris Kobach wants to sue the federal government every chance he gets. Democrat Chris Mann is staying closer to home."

Read more via link . . .

Well-known, polarizing Kris Kobach faces newcomer Chris Mann for Kansas attorney general

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas - The final challenge for Republican Kris Kobach's political rebound may depend on how strongly Kansas voters feel about national Democrats and how much they fear a liberal agenda seeping into their state. Or it may hinge on how they perceive his firebrand reputation that made him a polarizing, national figure.