Chastain Champions Kansas City Monorail

A quick note from our this town's most prolific activist and the only person to every win a citywide light rail vote . . . Here's the word and a quick look at his new project . . .

Clay Chastain: Kansas City is not a "Smart City" if it does not embrace the idea of building a rapid, efficient and elevated Monorail to connect KCI to Downtown

The World Cup is coming; billions have been invested in a new Airport & Downtown; KCI & Downtown are Kansas City's top 2 employment centers; and owning and operating an automobile is becoming increasingly expensive. And yet, City leaders are yet to get on board the idea of building a Modern Cost-effective Monorail System to connect Downtown to Kansas City International Airport!

The City Council & Aviation Dept. just announced the purchase of 7-electric buses to shuttle people from outlying parking lots to the new airport terminal. Bravo. But, a few electric buses and a few solar rooftop panels does not a green airport or green city make. Without an Airport Monorail, millions of people (annually) will be forced to continue making millions of costly, fuel-consuming, air-polluting and time-wasting trips back and forth to KC's distant airport via the expensive automobile . And airport designers have exacerbated the problem with the construction of KCI's new 6,300-space concrete parking garage monolith)! The world is going green and Kansas City is at the back of the pack.

Kansas City's beautiful Monorail would whisk passengers (300 plus to a train) from a new "Regional Union Station Transportation Center" to KCI in 35-scintillating minutes (no parking costs & driving hassles) with these additional benefits...

(1) Monorail provides KC a new major selling point to attract new residents, businesses, jobs and tourists;
(2) Monorail generates new population and development growth in the northland around two major Monorail stops (healthy density);
(3) Monorail puts KC in the World Cup spot light & garners KC global recognition;
(4) Monorail makes the rest of KC's new All-Electric Transit System Go (as proposed in Clay Chastain's Petition Initiative).

Building the Airport Monorail (with help from the Federal Infrastructure Bill) will put Kansas City on the right ("green") track toward a better future.

Kansas City Mayoral Candidate, Clay Chastain


You decide . . .