BLM Forever On Kansas City Streets?!?

Nobody got to vote on controversial politicized Kansas City street murals but now local taxpayers are forced to pay for it . . . FOREVER.

Or at least that's what a few cornflakes are proposing. 

Meanwhile . . .

Those of us back in the real world know that the "movement" has mostly lost momentum, seems corrupted and is now in doubt by even the strongest supporters. 

Example . . .

NPR: Secret $6 million home has allies and critics skeptical of BLM foundation's finances

Meanwhile, here's a peek at what a left-leaning extremist publication has to say . . .

"National media spotlighted our city’s effort, which organizers think may be the largest such project in the nation. But now, the vibrancy of those murals, designed by well-known Kansas City artists, has begun to fade because of street traffic and weather. Organizers of the project are worried that if not preserved, the murals — and the sentiments they proclaim — are at risk of fading.

"That should not be allowed to happen. The cost to restore and maintain them — an estimated $60,000 — is reasonable. Their message, and the unity brought about by their creation, are too powerful to dismiss."

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Kansas City's Black Lives Matter street murals are important. Don't let them fade away

OPINION AND COMMENTARY In September of 2020, after the killing of George Floyd and in the midst of what was being called a "reckoning on race" in this country, hundreds of local volunteers of all ages, gender identities and races, came together to create six unique Black Lives Matter street murals throughout Kansas City.