American Royal World Series Of BBQ: Outdated Big D*ck Energy???

Now that it's not a Kansas City, MO event . . . It's pretty much a neighborhood parking lot cookout.

With most of the tradition removed . . . Objectively, we notice a smaller footprint and much less interest and hype from the public. 

On the bright side . . . Here's a cringe-worthy and stereotypical conversation about big meat vs. small meat that EXUDES what the college hipsters are calling Big D*ck Energy . . . 

"Meat size. Meat size. Japan barbecue -- very small. Small meats. American barbecue -- brisket, pork butt -- very big meat, yeah," said Tamio Shimojo, pitmaster for Shogun Japan Barbeque Association.

Cool story but we've always assumed that people who brag about "big meat" are often just overcompensating for their personal shortcomings. 

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Teams from across the world compete in American Royal BBQ competition

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - The American Royal World Series of Barbeque kicked off Friday night at the Kansas Speedway. This year, 535 teams are competing in the Royal, which is the world's largest barbeque competition. There are a lot of international teams competing this year as well.

American Royal World Series of Barbecue heats up this weekend

A total of 535 teams, including 23 international crews, are competing this weekend at the American Royal World Series of Barbecue.One of the teams competing in this year's event is the Pork Screws, a group of Kansas City area guys who have had some past success in the competition with their sausage entries."We're here for the open competition, to have a good time, and to support the American Royal," said Pat Macy, Pork Screws team member.The teams have also had to contend with the rising cost of meat and the availability of those products.According to the U.S.

You decide . . .