Amanda Adkins Attacks Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids Over 'Divisive & Dishonest' Adverts

Congressional contender Amanda Adkins is trailing in most polls.

More importantly . . .

This is likely the last chance for Adkins to make a credible challenge against the incumbent. If she doesn't win this time around the donors and Republican supporters probably won't be there for her next time.

Accordingly . . .

We notice the Kansas leader getting VERY AGGRESSIVE in her statements to the media.

Here is her latest . . .


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – Amanda Adkins, Republican candidate for Kansas’ Third Congressional District, released a statement on Sharice Davids’ continued divisive and dishonest campaign tactics after a video was published late last week showing Davids trying to dodge a question about her negative ads. Speaking in Miami County, Davids attempted to answer a question about her ads: “ mentioned the ads, so I’ll, like, I’ll, I’ll touch on that. You know, we’ve got, we… I, I try to keep my… I don’t want to be part of divisiveness and like negative-, just like negativity in general… my opponent is out of step with, uh, not just the Third District but on some issues, with the entire state ....”

Unfortunately, Davids’ ads are nothing but divisive and negative. For months, Davids has been running ads that claim Amanda Adkins supports a nationwide abortion ban, despite Adkins being on the record more than a dozen times opposing such measures. Before the Supreme Court decision was even finalized, Adkins stated in an interview that she “would not be in support of a congressional ban on abortion.” And in an August op-ed published in The Kansas City Star, Adkins states outright, “I don’t support a federal ban on abortion, nor do I support any other federal policymaking related to contraception or fertility.”

In one of Davids’ ads, a doctor states, “…when I hear Amanda Adkins say that she absolutely supports banning all abortions with no exceptions… a nationwide abortion ban would put the lives of women at risk. Adkins has made it very clear that she will not protect the women of Kansas.”  In another Davids ad, a narrator says, “She was 100% for allowing politicians now Amanda Adkins absolutely suports a total ban on all abortions nationwide with no exceptions for rape, incest, or life of the mother. For a ban with no exceptions, Amanda Adkins is 100% wrong for Kansas.” Davids is clearly lying to voters.

Davids has also lied repeatedly in several ads about Adkins’ role in the tax and education cuts implemented during the Brownback Administration. One states, “...when Brownback passed tax giveaways to giant corporations and made disastrous cuts to Kansas schools to pay for them, Adkins was with him every step of the way.” Another continues that Adkins was responsible for “...helping him pass his failed tax experiment leaving Kansans with nearly one billion dollars in deficits, our schools decimated, and our teachers without jobs while handing out huge tax giveaways to corporations.” Adkins had no role in drafting or implementing Kansas’ fiscal policies, no control of the budget, and she was not in the state legislature. Instead, she worked at Cerner for the entirety of his tenure as governor and has never taken a paycheck from the state of Kansas.

“Kansans deserve the truth and expect their candidates to run an honest campaign,” Adkins said. “I am doing both, but Sharice Davids has done neither. Instead, she is lying to distract from the fact that she is the candidate who is out of step with Kansans. She votes with Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi one hundred percent of the time, and their policies are directly responsible for policies that have resulted in economic disaster including record levels of inflation, rising prices, interest rate increases, and a plummeting stock market. Sharice Davids would rather reinforce lies, divisiveness, and negativity with millions of dollars than help Kansas families who are suffering. We deserve better.”


Today's blast that also deserves attention . . .


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – KMBC’s Micheal Mahoney called out Sharice Davids for continuously running inaccurate ads about Amanda Adkins’ record on abortion. Davids has peddled the lie that Adkins supports a federal ban on abortion in numerous mail pieces and ads, despite the fact that Adkins is on the record opposing a federal ban on abortion over a dozen times since the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

“Kansas Democratic incumbent Congresswoman Sharice Davids has a new commercial out saying her GOP opponent Amanda Adkins wants a nationwide ban on abortion… KMBC 9’s Micheal Mahoney checks the accuracy of that claim in the Kansas Third District Congressional race,” KMBC anchor Ketz stated.

While Davids has repeatedly lied to voters and claimed that Adkins supports a national ban on abortion, Mahoney set the record straight and noted, “Amanda Adkins is most definitely pro-life but has said several times she is not for a national abortion ban.”

“Inflation is costing Kansas families $8,666 this year, but Sharice Davids would rather run a dishonest and divisive campaign than debate the real issues that Kansans face every day,” Adkins responded.

Sharice Davids has profoundly claimed in the past that she only runs “truth ads,” not negative ads, and dodged a question last week about her deceptive commercials by stating she doesn’t “want to be part of divisiveness” and “negativity.” Unfortunately, Davids has changed since she went to Washington and began voting with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time. Davids’ 2022 campaign strategy is to lie her way out of accountability for the bad economic policies she supported which have led to skyrocketing inflation.

Kansans deserve better.

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