WTF: Kansas City Blogger Regrets That USA Lost WII?!?!

It turns out that we're at the end of history . . . Or, at least, history doesn't really exist anymore.

At least that's the only explanation that makes sense as a former local newsman and several of our progressive friends paint Americans as the bad guy in WWII. 

Debating history is boring but this theory has a lot of work to do and doesn't really explain so much about the canon of Indiana Jones movies. 

But now facts are mere perspective nowadays . . . I was searching for old school footage of U.S. Army Engineers blowing up a big-ass swastika at Nuremberg and apparently there are a great many nincompoops who claim the Russians did it . . . They didn't.   

And so, in a recent post about royalty we pulled this tidbit out along with a seemingly new ideological movement which attempts to downplay the one of the greatest struggles between good and evil the world has ever witnessed and place Americans on the wrong side of history . . . 

"The failure in World War II to respond effectively to the Nazi plan to destroy European Jewry was not America's alone, for sure. But it's a failure from which we need to learn."

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