Windmills Threaten To Raise Electricity Bills For Kansas Customers

Forgive the Don Quixote reference for #TBT but I'm surprised more people don't make the same literary reference in order to feign just a bit of classiness.

Anyhoo . . . Here's bad news for locals already hurting from inflation from one of the best local conservative blogs . . .

If approved, the line would send electricity that was originally intended to serve the Wichita and Kansas City metro areas to customers in Missouri, but Kansas customers will have to pay for the transmission line via higher electricity rates.

All while already paying some of the highest electric rates in the country.

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KCC grants public utility status to wind developer that could raise electric rates - The Sentinel

This is the first step toward a transmission project - largely to be paid for by Kansas consumers - half a football field wide cut through five counties and 89 miles of Kansas countryside. If landowners along the proposed path decline to sell, NextEra will be able to condemn the land and force a sale.