Will Conservative College Swim Martyr Advert Sink Kansas Guv Kelly???

For those amongst our community of readers who don't watch Fox News all day and night . . . You probably only think Riley Gaines is an average college hottie and not the voice of a generation. 

In fact . . . She's neither. 

She's just a lady who was robbed in a college swim contest. The actual dollar value is about 12 bucks given that NOBODY but your loving relatives wants to watch college swimming.

Nevertheless . . .

Here's a political advert that preaches to the choir and sinks Kansas even deeper into culture war so that we can all forget pesky issues like healthcare, school test scores and sinking population in nearly every part of the state . . . Have fun with this one .  . .

The 30-second spot features Riley Gaines - a college swimming star who tied with transgender swimmer Lia Thomas at this year's NCAA 200m freestyle final.

Gaines claims Kelly's vetos show that the governor is not able to 'protect women' in her state.

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

EXCLUSIVE: Republican Governor's Association targets tight Kansas race

The Republican Governors Association's Kansas election arm launched a pricey ad campaign against incumbent state Governor Laura Kelly It's part of a seven-figure ad buy, a source told DailyMail.com, after the RGA already poured nearly $6 million into the tight November election Kelly is up against Kansas' GOP Attorney General

Here's a direct link to the advert in question . . .

NEW TV ad: Swimmer @RileyGaines experienced firsthand what happens when girls’ & women’s sports aren’t protected.

You decide . . . .