What Currently Qualifies As 'Living Wage' In Kansas City???

Local workers probably won't like that answer and it seems that the number is getting further and further away from what low-end gigs are offering.

Here's the data. . .

"The current minimum wage in Missouri is $11.15 an hour. However, the living wage  —  the income a single worker requires to meet basic needs for a family of up to three children  —  is $17.19 in Jackson County, according to a living wage calculator from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology."

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KC minimum wage is far below it's living wage

For years, Kansas City workers and organizers have fought to increase the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour. The demand was front and center recently when workers at the Taco Bell fast-food restaurant on Wornall Road in Kansas City’s Waldo neighborhood held a walkout.