Vote On Kansas Supreme Court Justices Provides Next Round In Abortion Debate

Today the Topeka Capital Journal had a much more informative article on this topic but, tragically, it's useless because it's hidden behind a paywall.

Instead . . .

We're forced to take a peek at the Kansas City Star who, just like any good blogger, formed an opinion by reading a better bit of journalism than what they could provide . . .

"Some of those six are likely to be targeted by activists still smarting from the court’s 2019 decision embracing abortion rights, and stung further by the voters’ overwhelming endorsement of it on Aug. 2. But voters should not allow ideologues to achieve in November what they could not achieve in August.

"Removing judges either as punishment for specific rulings or just because another judge’s ideology might be more to your liking is wrong. It destroys the independence of the court and in this case would likely plunge the state into another bitter argument over abortion."

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Six Kansas Supreme Court justices are on the November ballot. Vote yes on all of them

OPINION AND COMMENTARY Kansas voters will be asked in November if they want to keep six of the state's seven Supreme Court justices on the bench. The answer should be unequivocally yes, for all six.