Victim's Mom Answers Britt Reid's Apology: Shove your ‘Sorry’ up your A$$

Our blog community mentioned this one yesterday and we can't deny this genuine response or the emotions that will always be raw after this lady's daughter is now permanently disabled.

Also . . .

We also feel sorry for those who would blame the victims . . . We always imagined working corporate PR was soul crushing better never quite as bad as defending a guy who is pleading guilty to quite a few serious offenses. 

Here's the most important part of the story from our vantage . . .

She made a public post on Facebook telling Reid to “Shove your ‘Sorry’ up your ASS..........” Felicia Miller used middle finger emojis as part of her post and then answered questions from her friends below.

Miller is clearly skeptical of the apology and guilty plea, “Yeah they only put that s*** out there to try to make him look better.”

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Mother responds to Britt Reid's apology on crash that traumatically injured daughter

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - Ariel's mother is expressing her view on Britt Reid's apology. She made a public post on Facebook telling Reid to "Shove your 'Sorry' up your ASS.........." On Tuesday, Britt Reid changed his plea to guilty and released a statement through his attorney: "Britt Reid intends to enter his plea of guilty to the offense charged.