Trending: Kansas City Mom To Trans Youngster Shuts Down Troll Website

Deplatforming online critics and "deplorable" denizens of the discourse for objectively offensive content is the wave of the future. 

For the moment web-hosts are reluctant to take down all but the worst offenders . . . Also, there are a great many other overseas options for hosting.

Still . . . Advocacy for publisher & commenter accountability is something that's gaining momentum at the end of the current social media era. 

Across the Western world and inside the Beltway there is bipartisan support for a crackdown against online speech. 

Real talk . . . That's part of the appeal of 3rd party commenting system . . . In the end, what TKC writes vs. the comments are often coming from completely different places . . . And, sadly, it's becoming rare when we can enjoy a local moment or news story together . . . Still, however infrequent . . . I'm always grateful when a reader can inspire me to think differently about a topic.  

More importantly . . . Youngsters will ALWAYS BE OFF-LIMITS here are TKC. I've never had to enforce this rule once because, despite our differences, our readers are basically decent people. But, it's worth making crystal clear: Any threat or tough talk specifically targeting a minor will get a reader tossed ASAP, permanently and with no appeal.

And so . . . Here's an instance where very little human understanding is occurring . . .

The web security company Cloudflare announced on Saturday that it would stop protecting KiwiFarms, a notorious site known for harassing, doxing and repeatedly swatting people.

Debi Jackson’s family became a target of the site in 2016 after her child, Avery, became the first trans person to make the cover of National Geographic when Avery was just 9 years old.

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