Trending: Black Community Turns To Home Schooling Amid U.S. Public Education FAIL

Let's unpack the behind the scenes just a bit . . .

In the urban core, well-funded groups like Blaque KC have earned community & voter support by championing education alternatives. 

Critics will question dark money but there's simply no denying frustration with institutions like the KCPS from every demographic group. 

Meanwhile . . . A recent radical progressive blog offers more support against public schools from their activist perspective . . . Check-it . . .

"With teaching topics requiring approval and books being removed from student access, many Black parents have now taken their own transformative approach. They are no longer accepting white-washed material, and are instead awakening their children to their true history. They are no longer allowing standards and stigmas to hinder their children. Homeschooling offers the security of a healthy environment designed for growth."

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As Public Schools Fail Black Children, Many Black Parents Turn to Homeschooling

Were public schools always failing Black students? Many parents think so and are now turning to homeschooling as a solution. It's easy to think that families, schools, children, and life more generally has gone back to its pre-pandemic state. The truth is life will never be the same.