Trans Pronoun Bathroom Debate Confronts Gardner Edgerton Parents

There's no way to get our of this one without alienating denizens of the community and serving as "the bad guy" in someone else's twisted narrative.

Check the adults in the room attempting to walk the line . . .

Now the ACLU is also taking issue with concerns that teachers might have to "out" students to parents.

"I'm in favor of boys using the boys restroom, girls using the girls restrooms," School Board member Lana Sutton told the rest of the board.

"We understand these are difficult waters maybe even treacherous waters, but we are trying to bring everyone together in best way," Superintendent Dr. Brian Huff said.

But for multiple meetings the issue has seemed to divide the community.

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Gardner Edgerton debates student bathroom, gender pronoun policy

GARDNER, Kan. - A policy that would require students to use the bathroom of their sex at birth and require parent approval for pronoun changes was debated for hours at Gardner Edgerton USD 231 Monday night. Now the ACLU is also taking issue with concerns that teachers might have to "out" students to parents.

'You are putting my friends at risk': Kansas school district's proposed transgender policy sparks division

A contentious policy for transgender students drew dozens of parents to the Gardner Edgerton Board of Education meeting on Monday night. A new proposal was up for discussion following a divisive plan introduced in July, which would have required students to use the name, pronouns and restrooms that correspond with the sex on their birth certificates.

Dozens testify as Gardner Edgerton school board considers bathroom policy for transgender students

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A proposed policy in the Gardner Edgerton School District brought out dozens of people to testify at a school board meeting on Monday. The policy would require students "to use the restroom or locker room that conforms with with the student's gender assigned at birth."

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