TKC Reader Suggestion: Homeless Help Discredited By Scams

Special thanks to one of our most KICK-ASS READERS who offers an important perspective. 

The social service industry can be sketchy and there's always room for graft when we're talking about the distribution of gubmint money.

Like it or not . . . For those of us who really want to see our down & out neighbors do better. Here's a point of view that should be considered . . .

“Helping” the homeless is an industry for the people who make a living and make a killing off of it. Bureaucrats, nonprofits, and developers are essentially farming homeless people to make a nice living and profit off of the problem. The cost to build each “unit” of affordable housing in San Francisco, for instance, is $1 million. $1 million to house a single person or perhaps 3, if it is a family. That is a tidy sum, providing a nice profit for the builders but a seriously bad deal for taxpayers.

It’s a scam. A grift.

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It's not compassion. It is a scam.

"Homelessness in New York City has reached the highest levels since the Great Depression of the 1930s," the Coalition for the Homeless reports. After decades of failure, New York City homelessness keeps getting worse. The only people who appear to be benefiting are the ones who make a pretty penny "serving" the homeless.