Survey Seyz Missouri AG Schmitt Blowing Away Busch Valentine

This Senate contest isn't even close and we've warned that the down ballot implications are even more dire for the future of Missouri Democrats.

Here's a peek at the numbers getting even worse . . .

According to the poll, 33% of the people surveyed have a “very favorable” view of Schmitt while 20% have a “somewhat favorable” view of him.

“He’s over that 50% threshold for voters, and Busch Valentine’s in the 40s, so she has a lot more work to do to improve her name recognition,” Kimball said. “So I think at this stage in the race, he’s really winning on the name recognition, which obviously carries a lot of weight in the state.”

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New poll has Schmitt ahead by double digits in Missouri Senate race

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A new poll shows Republican candidate for U.S. Senate and Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt with an 11-point lead over Democratic candidate Trudy Busch Valentine. The poll, exclusively done by FOX4/Emerson College/The Hill, shows Schmitt with 49% of the vote. Busch Valentine had 38% while 10% were undecided.