Super Dave: Mahomes & Teamwork

Tonight we share a quick word from one of our blog faves regarding a shocking loss and a glimpse at the future for a dynasty that might already be on the verge of collapse . . .

Super Dave Shares Thoughts On Mahomes Magic

Having been gone for almost three weeks I get back and the media and fanatics coverage on Mahomes is insane. I swear you can't hardly turn on anything, look at anything or go anywhere where it isn't Mahomes, Mahomes, Mahomes.

Okay I get it, he can throw a ball and other things while on the field but as I told my good friend Kelly Urich early yesterday morning he isn't GOD but worshipped more in this town on a Sunday morning than GOD is and that there is really messed up. Yes it appears that the NFL and Mahomes have replaced for the most part organized religion or it sure appears so in Metro Kansas City.

But as I was explaining to my good friend and an issue I have with a lot of the NFL is take away Mahome's teammates and he'd be nothing. Yes he'd be nobody who couldn't win game one without a team. In fact the team has shown they can win without him in the past. Every game day the whole rest of the team goes out there and gets beat up worse than Mahomes and afterwards who gets all the attention, Mahomes and maybe two other players if they are lucky and it isn’t all negative attention.

In today's world, how many of you so-called fanatics would work for an organization where you have to work just as hard as the next guy, maybe even harder but there is that one person who gets all the glory while you and your fellow workers get ignored and paid or make greatly less money. In most places that's called the boss and the workers hate them for making so much money off their hard work. In this case they are called Patrick Mahomes.

Football as in any team sport is a sport that requires the team working together to get a win. Some say the quarterback is the most important player. Take that offensive front line away and you'd hear quarterbacks everywhere screaming how all of a sudden those 5 players were very important to their ability to play. In fact they are who protects them so they can make a play therefore really more important than they are. And yet most fanatics can't name all the offensive or probably the defensive lineman for the team whose salaries are a fraction on the Chiefs team when compared to Mahomes.

Compare the NFL to say NASCAR. Some say the NASCAR driver is the most important person of the team. And yet there are thousands of drivers just as good as any on the circuit today who would love to get a chance in a car. The team makes the NASCAR driver look good. The whole team works together to get a win. Pay in NASCAR is more equal as well compared to NFL.

As I said, sure Mahomes is good and so is Tom Brady but neither man got to become who they are by flying solo. Tampa Bay showed how a team, a whole team won a 31-9 decision in Super Bowl LV. Nothing Mahomes could have done to win that game that millions thought he had already won weeks beforehand. The media and fans can say you’re the greatest but it isn’t them who have to walk out onto the field to prove everything they say is true and no one single man ever won any football game.