Substance Abuse Counselors Distribute NARCAN TO Kansas City Homeless Camps

This slice of life might seem dystopian, sad and the sign of a worsening situation on local streets. HOWEVER, we have to respect the practicality of it all.

Opioid abuse & death is rampant on local streets . . . And so efforts to save lives amongst the addicted are desperately needed given that this drug plauge is more widespread than so many of the ruling-class would care to admit.

Here's the sitch . . .

“Today is International Overdose Awareness Day, so we’re paying tribute to those who have lost their lives to a drug overdose,” said Kara Walters, an Executive Assistant with Benilde Hall. “We’re handing out NARCAN to help prevent the deaths of future opioid overdoses in the various homeless camps in the Northeast area.”

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Free NARCAN given out on the Avenue

Michael Bushnell Publisher Last Wednesday, Aug. 31, was International Overdose Awareness Day and representatives from Benilde Hall, a local substance abuse counseling center near 23rd and Benton Boulevard, teamed up with Independence Avenue Community Improvement District (CID) Ambassador Laura Cardwell to distribute over 100 doses of NARCAN to homeless camps located along the Independence Avenue corridor.