Show-Me Weed Vote Fact Check Amid Online Disinformation Campaigns

Here's the thing . . . Because weed is involved . . . People are a bit more "liberal" about spreading false info  . . . Given that stoners aren't known for their skillz in reading the fine print.

Check this quick and easy to read FACTUAL overview . . .

The effort, initiated by a group called Legal Missouri 2022, is backed by the Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association, the ACLU of Missouri, all six active chapters of Missouri NORML and the Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Gov. Mike Parson and various business groups oppose the proposal.

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FAQ: What to know about Missouri's recreational marijuana amendment and why it matters

Four years after a successful public initiative to legalize medical marijuana and two years after sales began across Missouri, voters will weigh in again - this time on the recreational use of marijuana.