Local stoners will celebrate this news over the weekend and we appreciate that residency was part of the equation .

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Cole County Circuit Judge Cotton Walker ruled that the plaintiff, Joy Sweeney, did not prove she's a Missouri resident, which would have been required for her lawsuit to continue.

Sweeney on Thursday testified remotely from her second home in Alexandria, Virginia, that she still owns property in Missouri and is registered to vote in Missouri. Walker said her testimony came too late because her lawyers had already finished submitting evidence in the case.

But Walker noted that he would have ruled against Sweeney's lawsuit even if she had proven her Missouri residency.

A statement from Missouri SecState Ashcroft: 

“Regardless of whether you’re for or against the issue,” Ashcroft said, “my office responded efficiently and appropriately to the thousands of signatures turned in. Foremost, we did the right thing in certifying this measure to the ballot within the bounds of the constitution and the laws passed by the general assembly.  We followed the law – we did everything right.”

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Missouri judge tosses suit against Missouri recreational pot measure

A Missouri judge on Friday tossed out a lawsuit that sought to knock a recreational marijuana proposal off the Nov. 8 ballot. The measure would allow those ages 21 and older to buy and grow marijuana for personal consumption and automatically erase records of some past marijuana-related crimes.