Show-Me Monkeypox Vaxx Questionnaire Dropping LGBT Questions

It seems the medical pros wisely prioritize providing protection against another global plague rather than collecting demographic data. 

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State health officials said they changed the requirement after local officials told them some people may be avoiding be avoiding the vaccine because they didn’t want to fill out the form, which asked respondents questions about their sexual identities and whether they had engaged in commercial or group sex.

“If we’re creating a barrier that doesn’t need to exist, that’s obvious for us to change the process,” department spokeswoman Lisa Cox said. “We were hearing those concerns. It was keeping people who should be vaccinated who are at high risk from seeking vaccination.”

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Missouri changes monkeypox vaccine screening to encourage more applicants

After weeks of requiring people to submit online eligibility forms to receive the monkeypox vaccine, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services is now letting clinics determine eligibility for the shots. LGBTQ advocates fear the online form, which asks questions about sexual behavior, discourages some people from seeking the vaccine.