Show-Me Homeless Camp Cleanup Deferred

This legislation has a great many implications for Kansas City but it's likely to be tied up in court before hard & fast rules can take hold.

Check the legalese basics . . .

The plaintiffs claim that House Bill 1606, which changes laws regarding political subdivisions, violates the state constitution.

Article 3 of the Missouri Constitution does not allow bills to focus on multiple subjects and should clearly state the subject in its title. The lawsuit says that while the bill's focus was on political subdivisions, a section was added that also addresses homelessness.

Section 67.2300 of the bill, which is set to go into effect Jan. 1, says that state spending on homelessness must apply to certain facilities and meet certain criteria.

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Lawsuit filed in Missouri challenges state's new law covering homelessness

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A group of Missourians are suing the state of Missouri, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, the Missouri Housing Development Commission and the Department of Economic Development over the state's new homelessness law. Of the group of plaintiffs, two live in southwest Missouri and the third lives in southeast Missouri.