Show-Me Bill Maher Fact Checking Missouri Congress Lady Cori Bush On 'Stolen' America

Here's what's important . . .

Maher is a classic California lib and even he seems to be tired of progressive mean tweets.

His perspective is worth considering . . .

Maher explained that this stuff “is what is so odd about this time that we’re living in. For all the talk about ‘fighting for the soul of America,’ nobody seems to like it all that much. Too many liberals give the impression that to them, America is just a big ugh. The red, white and ew. The country that started out bad and will always be bad. Founded on an unrelenting history of sucking. And unable to change.”

“But,” he countered, ” we have changed. A lot.” Maher then describe how Missouri congresswoman Cori Bush tweeted “This land is stolen land and Black people still aren’t free” on July 4, 2021.

“Not that I give a s— about the fourth of July, I’ve never been a rah-rah guy. But I am a perspective guy. And that’s what too much of the left has lost: Perspective.” Maher noted a recent poll showing that 72% of young Black people are much more optimistic about America than that. He also joked that “we could change the name of Captain America to Captain Stolen Land.”

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