Sen. Hawley Suffers Gender Confusion

Even politicos can tire from p0wzing the left so much . . .

And social media messages are difficult to craft effectively. 

And so . . . Because there are so many typos around this dump . . . We can forgive Sen. Hawley for an embarrassing campaign messaging mistake.

Other online pundits aren't so kind . . . Check-it . . .

The message asked readers if they want to “keep Transphobic Propaganda OUT of our classrooms” and offered two options. The first was: “YES - keep transgender propaganda out.” The second was the puzzling: “No - Teach young children there is more than one gender.”

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Sen. Josh Hawley Mocked For The Most Baffling Take On Gender Yet

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) appears to be gender-confused. The conservative lawmaker and running enthusiast recently sent a fundraising email that suggested teaching children about more than one gender was "transgender propaganda." Any more than that goes "against nature, science and common sense." The baffling appeal was spotted by Kenneth P.