Save Kansas City Westside From Gentrification??? Too Late!!!

Today the newspaper shares a bit of comedy in the form of an editorial that some guy's wife wrote. 

Even more hilarious . . . The dude lives in a really nice place on top of a hill overlooking the skyline -- A bold structure that helped to start the gentrification trend he denounces in a dead-tree screed.

Reality check: 

THE MARKET DECIDES home values, for the most part, and other than electing new officials and scaring Democratic Party bosses . . . Locals who need help are basically looking at taking handouts from some of the sketchiest politicos and insiders this town knows. Good luck with that.

Accordingly . . .

Here's the newspaper snippet featuring the haughty words of an old school politico they once trolled . . . Maybe as a tribute to Hispanic Heritage Month . . .

"High taxes are taking a terrible toll. Many people are delinquent on their taxes and could lose their homes to foreclosure. Homeowners are anxious and afraid. These are people who were born and raised on the West Side, raised their families here and deserve to live out their remaining years in the place that is their home."

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Don't let million-dollar homes drive out neighbors who built Kansas City's West Side

OPINION AND COMMENTARY Most of us in Kansas City know the West Side. We've cherished it as the heart of the Mexican American community for more than 100 years with its wonderful restaurants and fiestas, fine social service agencies, dramatic and beautiful vistas from the hills and friendly people.