Report: Muscle Car Creeper Suspect Threatens Kansas City Art Institute Students

This enclave near Midtown Kansas City has been sketchy for the past 50 years but now there's a report of an active threat.

Check the creative class warning against a reportedly nasty lewd dude . . .

Campus security sent an email to students and staff asking them to keep their eye out for a Red Dodge Challenger, calling the behavior of the driver “lewd and suspicious.”

The driver is known to expose himself, try to lure people to his car, and yell lewd comments to people when they ignore him.

The email describes the car to have “a distinct red arrowhead outline with a red "KC" logo on the rear window.”

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KC Art Institute on high alert after multiple instances of man trying to lure people to his car near campus

There have been multiple reports of a man flashing people and trying to lure them to his car near the Kansas City Art Institute campus, according to KCAI security.