Report: Court Dox Claim 'No Pattern Of Abuse' In Greitens Divorce Case

Caveat . . . This reporting comes from the lower tier of the Internets but we wouldn't have picked it up if the prog blogs didn't dispute it so voraciously.

The basics . . .

"The Court finds by a preponderance of the evidence that there has been no pattern of domestic violence by either Mother or Father," Boone County Circuit Judge Leslie Schneider wrote in a decision dated Aug. 26 that was reviewed by Just the News. "The children have never been at risk or vulnerable at the hands of either parent."

The court has not yet made the ruling public.

A lawyer for Sheena Greitens did not return a call seeking comment. Eric Greitens declined comment on the judicial opinion exonerating him from his ex-wife's allegations.

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Judge rules Eric Greitens did not engage in pattern of domestic violence, abuse of children

A judge has ruled that former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens did not engage in a pattern of domestic violence or abuse his minor children, bringing an abrupt end to allegations from his ex-wife that fueled a multimillion-dollar political ad campaign that sank Greitens' political comeback last month.

Meanwhile, we notice the prog blogs downplaying progressive "entertainment" of this story with their own spin . . .

Sheena Greitens pans push for her emails by news org that used to employ her ex-husband * Missouri Independent

Former Missouri First Lady Sheena Greitens says she fully complied with a public records request for her work emails by a conservative news organization that once employed her ex-husband - and that it produced no evidenced of political collusion.

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