Prairie Village Rallies Support Against Impending 'Leftist' Rezoning

The debate over property rights and local government continues in a beautiful place that we like to call "Perfect Village." 

Honestly . . . TKC has long imagined that this place is like a little slice of heaven with nothing but fancy food options and white women shopping in yoga pants. 

Sadly . . .

Partisan turmoil and the struggle against the globalist agenda has hit this neighborhood. Apparently.

Here's TKC TIPSTER would for the sketchy underbelly of suburbanite bliss . . .

"It's an interesting attempt by the mayor to appease liberals leftists. What or who would benefit from changing the zoning in PV?"

And so . . .

Check the note that's circulating far & wide . . . 

Prairie Village Residents: Here are FACTS to share with your PV friends and neighbors:

1. City Council voted unanimously to have the Planning Commission consider amending R1 Zoning (single family only) to allow multifamily units in our neighborhoods.

2. City Council wants to fast track this voting process. The Planning Commission wants to slow the process and have three public hearings through next July.

3. City Council wants to “amend the City’s zoning regulations ‘by right’ “ to allow multi-family in single family neighborhoods without the typical review process. If they are successful, you would lose your right to: - Be legally notified - Attend a public hearing - File a legal protest petition

SUMMARY: The Mayor and City Council are trying to remove our fundamental legal rights as single family homeowners.

Thank you and see you Monday 10/3 at City Council!


PV Residents Against Rezoning


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